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Build a conscious, connected company culture that
is thriving from the inside-out.

If you are a CEO, high-level executive
or leader within your company

And you know how critical it is to nurture and grow your employees…
And why attracting and keeping valuable talent is so important…
And you want to create the most healthy, thriving company…
So you and your team are operating at the highest level…
I’ve got something for you.


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DotConnect helps you build relationships with candidates and level up your hiring process. Discover Dotconnect’s unique approach to building your dream team.

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Blending organizational strategy, systems thinking, and talent acquisition grounded in conscious connection, DoseConnect is built to help you scale for hyper-growth.

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1:1 VIP Private

Hire me to work with you on a 1:1 private level. This is the highest level at which anyone can work with me.

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Group Experiences

Hire me to bring a completely customized transformational group experience into your company that focuses on deepening connection, healing and self-growth within your team.

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Hire me to come speak at your company, event or on your platform.

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Virtual 1:1 Coaching

Hire me for 15 minutes to 90 minutes of private virtual 1:1 sessions. This is the perfect opportunity for hot-seat coaching or brainstorming.

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